Meet some of our team…


The enigmatic Matt lives, breathes and works his socks off for our customers. He also makes most of the tea in the office. A lover of all things print, Matt has been in the industry for over 20 years and is often accused of being a little bit obsessive about it! He’s the proud owner of a brown Labradoodle called Jake and likes running, walking, being out and about and the occasional cheeky pint of Guinness.


The amazing Steve has been in the print industry for over 15 years. He prides himself on customer service – Steve will do anything (within reason, mind) to get a print or mailing job done properly and loves the satisfaction of delivering the results on time. Good lad. Steve enjoys having a laugh, claims to make all the tea in the office and supplies the office biscuits. He loves playing basketball and watching football – that’s if supporting Wolves can actually be classified as watching football.


The divine Beth – matriarch of Synergy, but be warned – she runs the design studio with a firm hand! She’s thorough and a stickler for attention to detail, and rather worryingly can often be found in newsagents sniffing freshly printed magazines. Beth has been with Synergy for 7 years and still can’t get a decent cup of tea. Are you listening boys? Outside the office, she enjoys running, mountain biking, surfing and travel.


Our Anne was enjoying a relaxing time in retirement when up popped Synergy to tempt her back into the workplace with the mouth-watering promise of copious cuppas and biscuits. These have yet to be seen, so pull your finger out Matt. Anne makes sure that Synergy keeps its house in order with regards to paperwork, spending and accounts. Frankly we’d be lost without her. Outside the office, Anne tells us that she’s the proud owner of a crazy cockerpoo (we think this is a dog) called Maisie and that she enjoys taking her out for walks. She also enjoys shopping for shoes and holidaying in the sun – and we can’t fault her for that.



Andrew has been in love with print since the ink dried on his birth certificate. He particularly likes the role it plays in marketing campaigns for clients and how it helps to generate new business for them. He also likes the way it feels, looks & smells and says, “you can’t beat the smell of a nicely produced piece of print”.

When he’s not sniffing fresh print Andrew can be found having fun with the family, playing badminton, swimming and trying to get a decent note out of his saxophone.



Supremely organised Office Manager Claire is our go-to girl when it comes to all things Microsoft and Adobe. She’s also pretty nifty when it comes to social media and boosting our audience in the Twittersphere – that’s right, she gets paid to be on online. And she’s damn good at it too.

Offline, Claire can be found belting out songs in her band, enjoying a bit of down time with her menagerie of animals or digging up spuds on her allotment.


All hail Mildred – the official mascot of Synergy. She’s our four-legged friend and is prone to occasional bouts of inappropriate behaviour such as barking when customers are on the phone. Mildred’s interests include chilling in the sun, chasing balls and eating Steve’s biscuits.




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