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Are you making the most of your data?


All that data stuff from your members. What are you doing with it?

Data. We love it. Good job really, because there’s lots of the flaming stuff going around.

Question is though, are you using it? And if so, how are you using your members’ data? Are you getting the most out of it? Do you even know what you should be getting out of it in the first place?

Panic not. We at Synergy can help you make the most of your databases (you know, those bases populated with all that data stuff) so that you target your members directly to keep them engaged, active and generally feeling loved.

Target those customers good and proper.

Now is the perfect time to make the most of member data. In a recent study by the GDMA (Global Direct Marketing Association) they discovered that data now matters more than ever when it comes to audience engagement. Of the 3,000 experienced marketing and advertising practitioners that they spoke to across 17 global markets, 81.3% described data as important to their efforts, with 59.3% calling it “critical”. Blimey.

They also discovered that those very same global panellists are fuelled by a desire to be more “customer-centric”, which is driving their direct marketing efforts more than any other single priority. 90.2% of the panellists questioned said that they are utilising predictive analytics and segmentation to better target and engage their addressable key audiences.

Get measuring.

If you don’t measure, you don’t get the treasure. 90.6% of the 3,000 spoken to actively measure campaign results across individual marketing channels (eg. direct mail) to find out exactly how their data is working and what the responses are like.

Let us help make sense of the data so it works for you.

Now, we appreciate that this all sounds a little bit like hard work. That’s because… it is. And it’s the kind of hard work that we relish here at Synergy. We can help you collect all that member data to not only help you get to know your membership a little better but to also process it all in such a way that you can get in touch with them properly.

We can make it easy for you to target your members with bespoke, personalised mailings and special offers that will truly float their boat. We’ll help you utilise that data so that you can progress your members forward from one initiative to the next, keeping track of who has done what and where they’re at.

Your members are all out there, waiting to be given the call to action. With the right data used in the right way, we can bring you and your members closer together. All you have to do is give us a call and we can get the ball rolling. Call Synergy today on 01543 257257 and let’s arrange a data date. A date, where we can talk about data. You know what we mean.