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Inspiration – Print Really Works!

Inspiration – Case Study on the “Magical” National Trust Direct Mail Campaign

Here at Synergy we love all things print so reading success stories like this brings a smile to our faces.

The National Trust wanted to get kids moving outside and into the countryside. The campaign was a targeted and personal mailing which made use of iridescent, glow in the dark inks that really fired kid’s imaginations. The end result was a huge take up of a National Trust App (by 1100%!), increased visitors and over 90,000 kids out and about in the great outdoors! A win-win in anybody’s book and we think it’s well worth a read – click here for the full case study:

Using online and offline communications together in your campaigns can have a huge impact on your results as some of the UK’s biggest brands are finding out. Using print as an integral part of your marketing can really drive traffic and increase the use of digital services.

Delivering a personal message with the added “touchy feely” (that you can only get with print) REALLY WORKS!