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Lots to Celebrate in Brazil!

Lots to celebrate in Brazil – the games, the sun and the print…

In the pool, on the floor, in the velodrome, on the water and in the dressage arena – just five venues where GB have struck Gold so far in Rio.

Behind the scenes of a hugely successful outing for Team GB is the hugely well-equipped Brazilian Print Industry which has been busily supporting the whole event with posters, banners, programmes, flyers, tickets and everything in between!

The printing industry in Brazil, with 20,478 companies and employing 201,000 thousand workers, has invested over US $697m in machinery and equipment last year alone which places it at the forefront in Latin America. Sales revenues in 2015 were equivalent to £10.8 billion and this year, with the Olympics along with the mayoral and city councillor elections in October, that figure looks to be beaten.

Levi Ceregato, the President of our friends at the Brazilian Printing Industry Association (Abigraf Nacional), has given us a topical insight into the Brazilian printing industry.

Levi comments, “With about 205 million inhabitants, the country offers great growth potential for the printing industry. According to the official statistics, the Brazilian middle class grew from 41% of the total population in 2005 to 54% in 2015. Thus, there are 110 million inhabitants with power to purchase and consume printing products. We expect that the social-economic inclusion program started in 2000, with projects for access to university, increase of the minimum income and job creation, will be continued”.

Another positive aspect of the Brazilian printing industry is related to sustainability. 100% of the printing paper produced in the country comes from planted forests, meaning no native trees are used. Furthermore, in the growth stage, the cultivated forests absorb carbon from the atmosphere, contributing to the fight against the global warming.

It is also interesting to observe how the Brazilians appreciate printed communications. The global Two Sides* campaign sponsored a survey to DataFolha** about the reading preferences of the population. It found that 59% of book readers and 56% of magazine readers choose the printed editions. Regarding newspapers, 48% prefer access them on computers, tablets and mobile phones and 46% continue loyal to the traditional forms. The fact that 80% of the interviewed Brazilians affirmed that reading on paper is more pleasant than on a screen is significant and echoes the renaissance we are seeing in the UK.

So, here’s to the continued success of Brazil’s print industry and that of Team GB!

* **One of the main research and information institutes in Brazil