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One Little Business Card

“Look at that subtle off-white colouring; the tasteful thickness of it… Oh my God, it even has a watermark.”

Patrick Bateman from the film, American Psycho

There is nothing quite like a beautiful business card. If you have seen the film ‘American Psycho’ you will be aware how badly Patrick Bateman broke into a sweat when faced with his colleagues’ new cards. And for good reason; they are a simple direct marketing tool but speak volumes about you, your business and your brand. A great card can kick-start a conversation and lead you to new opportunities and connections. They have to be perfect. With hundreds of design and print possibilities out there to choose from, you don’t need to restrict yourself with a plain old cardboard rectangle. Every shape, finish, and material is at your disposal.

Do you remember when near field communication (NFC) business cards first arrived on the market? Tech aficionados loved them and everyone else thought they were magic (or sorcery). The cards contain a chip that is programmed with the information you would like to share. One tap on a NFC enabled device and viola! Your information is automatically shared with the recipient. Now, you can easily program them to send a tweet each time they are used thus helping your social engagement. Handy.

Whatever you choose for your cards, you need to make them memorable and relevant to your business. It’s no good cutting your card into the shape of a t-shirt if your business is all about pet food.

Colourful, corporate, plain or snazzy through to ones that fold into mini computers or swell into a sponge when you add water, the only limit is your imagination. Go nuts. And it’s OK to get card envy.

Here are a few of our favourites from the world wide webernet: