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Reduced Funding Needn't Reduce Your Membership

You can grow and retain your membership base no matter how difficult things get.

We’re going to tell you how.

Times are tough. Although economic recovery is on the way, as a governing body or association you need to prepare for the possibility of reduced government funding.

So, stop and think for a minute. Don’t worry about what you don’t have. Instead – consider what you do have. Your existing members know and love what you stand for – they all have a shared passion.

So, feed it! If you look after your existing members – they will look after you. There are so many ways that you can do it, but by keeping things fresh and regularly communicating your membership will continue to grow.

Keep Your Members Keen. Here’s How YOU Can Do It:

  • Reward Loyalty. Speak to a membership loyalty scheme provider to see what you can offer your members as a ‘thank you’ for their loyalty – and to encourage them to sign up for more.

  • New Benefits. Think of what else you could give them – and release a new benefit one at a time. Keep your members guessing about what is coming next – and remind them what you’ve already treated them to over the last 3 months.

  • Videos. Release a number of videos over a set period of time – via your website, emails or both. You can encourage members to continue their membership while providing them with something informative, educational, entertaining – or all three!

  • Give them a reason to stay. Be upfront and spell it out! “Your annual membership costs £100 – and for that you receive £450 worth of discounts and benefits every year!” Think about throwing in an exclusive discount – renewing within a certain timeframe could entitle members to a voucher towards the weekly shop, or a hotel stay. Maybe even a discount for your own online store!

  • Use Social Media. People are spending more and more time online or fiddling with their mobiles – so get in there. Blog posts, forum activity or simple updates on Facebook or Twitter are a great and convenient way to communicate and share important links.

Make your membership feel special, wanted and appreciated.

With high quality outgoing communications including email newsletters, membership packs, printed newsletters and magazines, you can both maintain and grow your membership simultaneously.

At Synergy we have a fantastic range of print, mail, online and mobile solutions to keep your membership communications simple, hassle-free and successful.

Drop us a line on 01543 257257 or email us via and let’s keep your members happy – together.