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We've had our head in the Print Cloud…

It might be a little chilly out there (and pretty windy too), but that hasn’t stopped us getting outside and making the most of the fresh air. After all, Mildred the office dog isn’t going to walk herself now, is she?

Being outside for 20 minutes or so gives us the chance to take a deep breath, collect our thoughts and take a good look at the world beyond the office. We do a lot of our best thinking while we’re out and about! And watching those clouds skitting by across that winter sky got me thinking about Synergy’s very own Print Cloud.

You see, we do a fair bit of thinking here at Synergy and when we put our heads together, all kinds of magical things can happen. Sure, a lot of tea gets consumed too – but we think the Print Cloud is one of our best initiatives yet.

Retaining your members the easy way

We knew that the various membership-based associations and organisations out there needed something to help them retain their members and add new ones! Something that made those individual members feel valued and appreciated via regular and consistently branded communications.

Something that was supremely easy to use: a real time-saver that meant all those membership administrators could have 20 minutes or so to stretch their legs and nip for a refreshing walk outside the office too.

That’s where the Print Cloud grew from. It’s an online toolkit designed for maximum effectiveness and minimum fuss, saving both time and money for memberships across the country.

With it, you can create and personalise no end of printed collateral for your members – all branded and fulfilled locally. Membership packs, cards and certificates, HR, legal and Health & Safety docs, stationery, brand imagery and so much more – all professionally and consistently designed and just a few clicks away.

An extra income stream for your association

And if that weren’t enough, it not only saves you money but brings it in too. Ker-ching!

We’re not ones to blow our own trumpet (besides, you’d never hear it against the wind outside) but we really think we’ve thought of everything with this one.

If you want to learn a little more about our Print Cloud, then we’d be only too happy to have a chat with you to fill you in. We can even give you your very own personalised demonstration. Feel free to give us a tinkle on 01543 257257 or you can email us via and we’ll get back to you pronto. (Unless we’re out walking the dog and concocting our next fantastic initiative – in which case give us twenty minutes and we’ll be right with you).