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our latest research pieces
Magic of Mail.JPG

The Magic of Mail.


Using direct mail to support your marketing objectives post-GDPR

* How direct mail can help support your marketing objectives in the post-GDPR world.

* Ways to use direct mail more effectively.

* Practical, best practice examples to enhance your mail strategy.

As we all know GDPR represents the biggest shakeup in data privacy for 20 years. By changing the way in which organisations gather, process, manage, store and secure personal data, it will force change for the better. How? By enabling brands to increase the value of their data.

Brand Insight.JPG

brand insight: how membership organisations manage, maintain and grow their brand in 2017

The most valuable asset a business now has is its good name, its brand and reputation.  

This paper presents findings from an investigation into membership organisations’ approach to brand management. It looks at how they police all aspects of the brand from strategy to vision, mission, values and tone of voice, to creative identity, communications’ channels, and how members (including branches and special interest groups) are used to enhance brand value.


Let's change the focus, let's talk Return on Ideas (ROI).  

Volume 1 of the Synergy ‘Little book of Return on Ideas’ contains a carefully curated collection of Direct Mail campaigns from all around the world (well, from Gothenburg to Sydney, via Jo’burg!). These campaigns have one thing in common, they have all delivered an outstanding return on idea.


The renaissance of creative Direct Mail is here and now.


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