Print is a Digital Medium

Retargeting works right? You have an abandoned shopping basket, subscription or sign up. That (warm) prospect doesn’t complete the process. The would-be customer goes off to make a cup of tea, answer the door or go back to work. Frustrating!

So, with retargeting, you can follow your ‘would-be’ around the web to tempt them back. As a warmed up prospect, they will respond well to this and it’s proven! We have all done it. I know that I’ve abandoned baskets and then purchased a couple of days later because of retargeting.

Print is a digital medium graph

Retargeting has a good conversion rate but what would happen if you take this increased conversion rate and then compound it by using the conversion power of print? Why does retargeting have to be done via the web?

Well it doesn’t. Through the clever use of digital print and variable data we can action a retargeting campaign for you via mail. Mail is retained longer than a website – 80% of adults have kept mail sent to them in the last four weeks*. Warm prospects, personalised print, timely delivery – a no brainer! I would like to bet you get a huge increase in conversion.

We need to start thinking of mail as a programmatic channel now. Brands are triggering mailings based on online behaviour today. Highly customised, digitally printed mail packs are being sent today – and for less than you might think.

 Jonathan Harman. Managing Director, Media at Royal Mail Group.

Yes, print can be more expensive than its digital counterpart. But it may also be 100 times more responsive than online. The numbers work if the campaign is right.

You can even go one step further. We can print a barcode onto your mail piece that allows us to feed back to you the exact day it’s delivered, allowing you to schedule all kinds of follow up activity.

So what are you waiting for? Harness print as a digital medium and you will move your retargeting to a whole new level. Get in touch with us today on to find out more.